L'Ultime Cakes

Mixed Berry Ganache, GF Mixed Berry flourless cake, Lemon Tart, Apricot Tart

We have partnered with L'Ultime to provide their amazing authentic french cakes and pastries. These are provided to us fresh every weekday! Only available instore. Pre orders for desired cakes can be arranged, please contact us (02 66857974) for any inquiries. All cakes are $55 each.

L'Ultime Cake Range 

Red Mousse or Mix Berries Mousse Cake 

(Almond biscuit layer and mixed berries mousse, berries, cream, flour, almond meal)

Chocolate Ganache 

(2 layer of chocolate sponge and 2 layers of dark chocolate mousse - dark chocolate, flour, sugar, cream, cocoa) 

Pistachio Gluten Free Cake 

(Almond meal, polenta, butter, olive oil, pistachio paste, eggs, topped with cream cheese)

Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake with Blueberries 

(Shortbread base, ricotta white eggs, blueberries)

Chocolate Tart

(Shortbread base, eggs, sugar, dark Belgium chocolate)

Lemon Tart

(Shortbread base, lemon juice, eggs, cream, sugar)

Pecan Pie

(Shortbread base, pecan, maple syrup, brown sugar, eggs, butter)

Amandine Tarts (Cherry / Apricot / Pear)

(Shortbread base, baked almond cream, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, almond meal, cherry, pair or apricots)