Bahen Co Chilli Salt Chocolate Love Byron Bay

Bahen & Co - Chilli & Salt (70% Cacao) 75g

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75g Bar

Chilli & Salt with 70% Dark Stone Ground Chocolate

Bahen & Co. makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar.

It's a case of addition by subtraction. Doing less to make better chocolate by allowing the cocoa bean to express its own wild signature.

Using vintage machines, Bahen and Co make chocolate the old fashioned way, in small batches with only two ingredients - cocoa beans and cane sugar. By taking no shortcuts, we are able to eliminate additives like fats, cocoa butter and emulsifiers.

Bahen and Co have build relationships with farmers that sustainably produce this varieties in a manner that preserves their individual characters and nuances. Bahen and Co seek to deal Grower Direct to improve Grower returns.


Bahen and Co make chocolate that exhibits ancient aromas and flavours, and permits the senses to travel back to the times of the Mayan, Aztecs and Incas.