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6 reasons you need to give your mum CHOCOLATE this Mother's Day

We've all been in various stages of lockdown for over a month now, and for some, it's been really hard, and for some, it's been pretty damn easy. If you have family in your bubble, many of you have been enjoying the extra together-time, but for some of those on their own, solo-iso-bubble has been hard. For many of us, we're not able to see our parents, and this has been difficult for both sides.

This Mother's Day, you can make it really special by getting the best chocolate gifts to her which show you care, but also help with mental and physical health too. 

5 reasons why you need to give chocolate to your mum, stepmum, mother-in-law, grandmother this mother's day!

6 health benefits of chocolate:

  1. It's extremely nutritious ~ Quality dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and a fair few other minerals.
  2. Chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants ~ dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants; in fact one study showed that cocoa and dark chocolate had more antioxidant activity, polyphenols and flavanols than any other fruits tested, which included blueberries and acai berries.
  3. May improve blood flow and lower blood pressure ~ the bioactive compounds in cocoa may improve blood flow in the arteries and cause a small but statistically significant decrease in blood pressure.
  4. Consuming dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease
  5. Chocolate may protect your skin from the sun ~ studies have shown that the flavanols from cocoa can improve blood flow to the skin and protect it from sun damage.
  6. Chocolate may improve brain function ~ a study of healthy volunteers showed that eating high-flavanol cocoa for five days improved blood flow to the brain, PLUS cocoa may also significantly improve cognitive function in elderly people with mental impairment.
No matter how old or young our mum is, it's important we look after her brain (and our own!) so it's important we look at the benefits, and not just how delicious it is! Chocolate can improve verbal fluency and as cocoa contains stimulant substances like caffeine and theobromine, these may be key reasons why it can improve brain function in the short term. 

It's not just solid chocolate that is giving us enormous benefits; scientists at Harvard Medical School have suggested that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day could help keep the brain healthy and reduce memory decline in older people, and the researchers found that hot chocolate helped improve blood flow to parts of the brain where it was needed.

On top of brain and body health in older people, there's also a positive link between chocolate consumption and a decrease in depressive symptoms or an elevated mood. So when we say that chocolate brings happiness, we actually mean it! Chocolate lightens and brightens a mood, and we're proud of the collections that we have on offer in our online store.

We have specialty Mother's Day offerings, by way of gorgeous gift boxes that we can send to you mum, and remember your Mother-in-law too, she needs some loving and care, and what better way to show your love than with specialty chocolate. Whether the women in your life just love ALL chocolate, or whether they need vegan, dairy free, sugar free chocolate, gluten free, dark, milk, white, the choices are endless and we have them all! We specialise in sourcing the best chocolate as well as making our own range of gourmet chocolate that we produce right here in Byron Bay.

Chocolate is one of the few foods that taste awesome while providing amazing health benefits, so treat your mum this Mother's Day with not only foods that will make her heart sing, but also that are good for her, too. 

Check out our range to buy chocolate online, and click this link to explore all the Mother's Day gifts that we have on offer, delivering to your mumma's all over Australia!

There's a great article by Healthline, on The best dark chocolate - a buyers guide, giving you tips for what to look for. Some of the brands that we stock are included, and I urge you to read this for yourself. Click here to get the lowdown ... Sources: and