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About our store

Think of a one-stop boutique chocolate shop…
Add French inspired crêpes…
Then temper with the essence of Byron Bay.

The Love Byron Bay crêperie and chocolate boutique is located in the heart of the tourist mecca of Byron Bay. It combines two love affairs: one of French inspired crêpes and the other of quality artisan chocolates.

We are dedicated to sourcing and creating a momentous chocolate experience by offering a unique range of local, international and award winning chocolates whilst sharing the sights of mouth-watering crêpes being flipped in front of your eyes.

We also aim to cultivate an understanding of cocoa, the basis of all chocolates and stimulate the palate with the fire and imagination of supreme chocolate encounters.

Infusing chocolate and crêpes with the elixir of Byron Bay we combine both love affairs into an exclusive retail experience catering for any dietary requirement.