Savour the Taste of Byron Bay

About the magic of chocolate

about love byron bay creperie and chocolate boutique alison owner

Alison Campbell is the founder and creator of Love Byron Bay boutique chocolates, and has the challenging position of selecting the ever-changing
range of artisan chocolates that Love Byron Bay represents. It's a position that
many would aspire to and Alison - since Love Byron Bay's conception - has
wholeheartedly committed herself to! ‘Someone had to do it’ Alison says with a
huge smile. 😉

Alongside this taste-testing journey, many insights have been gleamed by Alison
into the infinite number of variables that impact the final chocolate waiting to be
savoured at Love Byron Bay.

“Depending upon where the cacao plant is grown and its terrain are the first
factors influencing flavour ... similar to wine. Add to this the
fermentation process and roasting of the cacao beans, two additional and
significant elements involved in the creation process. Then enters the
Chocolatier with their own preferences and who decide the conching, tempering
and flavouring processes. All these elements impact the final chocolate’s
flavours, snap, aroma, nutrition, and ‘all–over’ body pleasure one experiences
when tasting chocolate. It is truly a masterful and magical process when
chocolate is made at the artisan level.”

In addition to how the chocolate tastes, health and dietary preferences, Fair
Trade and organic certifications are also key determinants in the selection
process. With the ever-growing need for vegan, sugar free, gluten free and
greater awareness for healthy choices on the agenda, chocolate continues to
fulfil a key place in our lives and is truly the food of the gods.

At the beginning of February 2024, Alison has moved her bricks and mortar Byron boutique of 10 years to a total online chocolate boutique experience to continue sharing the taste of Byron and the love of chocolate with you.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome.