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6 ways to make Easter magic

There are so many different ways that we all celebrate Easter, but Easter 2020 is going to be a little bit different for a lot of us ... firstly, what's going on in the world with covid19 has a lot of people feeling a bit despondent ... next, there's the fact that many of us can't get together with loved ones as we would have in years gone by, and finally, there's the challenge of getting out to the stores, to get the craft items you'd be using to create fun Easter bonnets and baskets, the Easter eggs that you'd have been searching for in-store. 

SO, this blog post is to help you have a magical Easter, one filled with happiness, because chocolate IS happiness and love, and we plan to keep Easter magical ... so first we'd love for you to see our range of fabulous Easter goodness, which we've reduced by 20% because we know so many are doing it tough at the moment. So, make sure you shop online in plenty of time so we can get the magic of Easter out to you! Read below, because we have some wonderful ideas to make your Easter as happy as a bunny carrying a basket full of eggs

Easter egg HUNTS - these are SO FUN for so many ages! 

1. Our favourite Easter Egg Hunt is the one we've filmed in this video:

It's called FOLLOW THAT STRING and it's simple! You attach one end of a string to their Easter basket and you hide the basket. You then run the rest of the string all around the house or in the garden. Make a huge web of string everywhere - it's super fun! They will need to follow the string to find the basket, and so it's an easy way to keep kids entertained for AGES and it's perfect for all ages!

2. The CHECKLIST Easter hunt! Give each child a checklist of what to find, we like to include things like, find 3 green things, 1 leaf with more than 2 colours on it (perfect now it's Autumn here in Australia!), 1 chocolate egg that has something inside, 1 chocolate that's shaped like an animal, 4 stones smaller than your hand. You get the drift. You can have lots of fun with this one! Make the list as long as you like, and if you need to put the kids into teams or pairs, you can!

3. Another really fun Easter Hunt is to the RIDDLE HUNT! Use riddles, rhymes and clues to guide them in their hunt. Change it up according to their ages.

4. Do you remember egg rolling as a kid? It's an Easter tradition for many of us, which has many variations. The version that I know is to hard boil a dozen or more eggs, spend an hour or two decorating them (that's a really fun activity in itself and can also be done a day or two before), then pop them in a basket (probably best to get a grown-up to carry them) and walk up a hill. Depending on where you live, this could be in a nearby park, or even on a footpath. From the top of this hill, you take turns rolling your eggs down the hill and the egg that travels the furthest wins! Rules can be changed to suit, I've met people who say the winner is the one whose egg stays intact all the way to the bottom. That's a tricky rule to follow! You can even make your rules up as you go along, but whatever your version, there's loads of running and laughing and rolling up and down the hill to be had. Loads of fun!

5. Bunny dance-off in the lounge room! Even if it's just you and your kids, a bunny dance-off is so much fun. You can even turn it into musical cushions, as long as you have music and a little bit of Easter magic in you, this will be a really fun activity for indoors or even on the patio.

6. Last but not least, we LOVE an EASTER OBSTACLE COURSE which is so perfect for all ages, and can be held indoors or outdoors. It's easy; just set up your course inside or outside and give it an Easter theme; this means lots of hard-boiled eggs on spoons (save some over from the egg rolling activity) hopping, egg throwing and catching (CHOCOLATE eggs or hard-boiled is a good idea for this one!!), and maybe even some skittles or bowling with a hard-boiled or chocolate egg to knock over the skittles or pins!

Byron Bay Easter 2020 ideas for making easter fun happy and magical for children in covid19

Choose one, or choose all six, but make sure that you're fully ensconced in the magic of Easter ... grab those eggs now, before it's too late, and enjoy that 20% off we're offering you, but using the discount code EASTER at checkout when you order Easter eggs online! We deliver Australia-wide and we've curated our Easter collection with love.