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Share The Love With Chocolate This Valentine's Day

What a crazy revolution around the sun it has been since last Valentine's Day! Most of us were in lock down and lucky if we could see our significant other in person. This year things are finally starting to feel a little better, but with the uncertainty of Covid outbreaks and border closures that can happen in a matter of hours, we are becoming even more resilient as a community and learning to make the most of every moment.

This Valentine's Day, you can seize that moment and share the love with your significant other or that special person you've had your eye on through the gift of the gods, formally known as chocolate!

Why is chocolate such a staple on Valentine's Day?

It's what we love to eat, and what we give to people we love. Chocolate is one of the most indulgent treats that has been celebrated and enjoyed for thousands of years. The Aztecs knew it as the Food of the Gods. Chocolate is love that melts in your mouth inducing an all over body pleasure.

The unique ingredients in chocolate have notable effects on human endorphins which are distinctive to chocolate and make you feel like your in love

History is rife with the human pursuit of love and aphrodisiacs in many forms.

When you look at the chemistry of falling in love, chocolate and love stroll happily hand in hand. Known as an aphrodisiac, this legendary “food of the gods,” is a very pleasing love concoction and an appropriate gift for your sweet heart this Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14th February!

To assist you in the pursuit of a love aphrodisiac this coming Valentines Day, discover exceptional chocolate infused with delicious flavours, irresistible aromatic characteristics and quality cocoa.

Chocolate may be considered by many as naughty although, in its more pure forms chocolate has many health benefits that most people don't associate it with today due to the sugar rich, off the shelf varieties many of us think of when we crave it. 

Organic raw cocoa is one of the highest antioxidant-rich food sources in the world, with more antioxidants than blueberries, red wine or green tea. Dark chocolate, without a lot of sugar, is a rich source of flavanol antioxidants and of alkaloids, including caffeine.

Many health benefits have been associated with dark chocolate, including lower blood pressure, overall heart health, cancer prevention and even memory improvement.

This year for Valentine's Day, Love Byron Bay has you covered! We have put together some special Valentine's hamper packages and are now offering a bottle of bubbles paired with our exceptional praline gift boxes that are perfect for your Valentine or even if you just feel like treating yourself because you deserve it!

We also have a large variety of other gifts from our Love Byron Bay signature range such as our famous rocky road and decadent coverture chocolate blocks or even beautifully scented candles!

We've hand selected a delicious variety of organic & uniquely flavoured chocolates from all over the world, that everyone will be very happy with. Our variety gift selection now includes vegan, raw, sugar free, gluten free, fair trade and so much more. If it's all just too much to choose from, we offer gift certificates so your special someone can select whatever they may fancy.

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