Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial 100 Cacao Dark Chocolate Love Byron Bay

Ceremonial Chocolate 100% Cacao - Sacred Earth Medicine - 400gms Organic

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100% Organic whole bean Cacao Paste from Valle Palma Real Peru.
Currently out of stock, but taking orders. Estimated availability July.

Alternatively, we have secured the same cacao in powder form, check out the rest of our range.

According to an ancient legend, Cacao was bought to earth from the heavens on the beam of a morning star. Sacred Earth Medicine offers you Ceremonial Cacao so you can bridge heaven and earth and commune with the Cacao Deva & Goddess of love, fertility and abundance. In ancient times, the spirit of Cacao was honoured and revered more than gold, we invite you to discover why.

Ingredients: 100% Organic whole bean Cacao paste. Nothing added, nothing removed to maintain the highest vibration pure & Ceremonial Cacao This package contains 7-8 full ceremonial doses and 14 creative doses. The inside of the pack contains preparation and usage instructions