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Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial 100 Cacao Dark Chocolate Love Byron Bay

Ceremonial Chocolate 100% Cacao - Sacred Earth Medicine - 100gms Organic

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100% Organic whole bean Cacao Paste from Valle Palma Real Peru.

According to an ancient legend, Cacao was bought to earth from the heavens on the beam of a morning star. Sacred Earth Medicine offers you Ceremonial Cacao so you can bridge heaven and earth and commune with the Cacao Deva & Goddess of love, fertility and abundance. In ancient times, the spirit of Cacao was honoured and revered more than gold, we invite you to discover why.

Ingredients: 100% Organic whole bean Cacao paste. Nothing added, nothing removed to maintain the highest vibration pure & Ceremonial Cacao This package contains 7-8 full ceremonial doses and 14 creative doses. The inside of the pack contains preparation and usage instructions