L'Ultime French Cakes order and collect in-store only

L'Ultime French Cakes order and collect in-store only

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Order online or hone Love Byron Bay to order our French Cake to collect in-store for your special occasion and delicious indulgence. Please leave a note at checkout to specify which cake you would like and the collection date.

You can add Happy Birthday writing on the cake with a name if you would like, available on all cakes besides Tiramisu just select the option and add the note of what you wish to have written. 

L'Ultime Cake Range 

Mix Berries Mousse Cake 

(Almond biscuit layer and mixed berries mousse, berries, cream, flour, almond meal)

Chocolate Grenache 

(2 layers of chocolate sponge and 2 layers of dark chocolate mousse - dark chocolate, flour, sugar, cream, cocoa) 

Pistachio Gluten Free Cake (Rasperry alternative when cant supply pistachio)

(Almond meal, polenta, butter, olive oil, pistachio/raspberry paste, eggs, topped with cream cheese)

Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake with Blueberries (OUT OF STOCK UNTIL OCT)

(Shortbread base, ricotta, egg whites, blueberries) 

Chocolate Tart

(Shortbread base, eggs, sugar, dark Belgium chocolate)

Lemon Tart

(Shortbread base, lemon juice, eggs, cream, sugar)

Pecan Pie 

(Shortbread base, pecan, maple syrup, brown sugar, eggs, butter)

Amandine Tarts (Cherry / Apricot / Pear)

(Shortbread base, baked almond cream, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, almond meal, cherry, pair or apricots) 


Strawberry Flan