• Gianduja Dark chocolate: Organic - Vegan - Gluten-Free!

    World Vegan Month actually happens in NOVEMBER ... but the last few months (during Covid-19) our online sales of vegan chocolate have been enormous...
  • 6 ways to make Easter magic

    This blog post is to help you have a magical Easter, one filled with happiness, because chocolate IS happiness and love, and we plan to keep Easter magical ... so first we'd love for you to see our range of fabulous Easter goodness, which we've even reduced by 20% because we know so many are doing it tough at the moment. So, make sure you shop online in plenty of time so we can get the magic of Easter out to you, and read below because we have some wonderful ideas to make your Easter as happy as a bunny carrying a basket full of eggs
  • Five reasons you should eat VEGAN CHOCOLATE

    Are you as excited as we are about the CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION taking place all over the world?

    The demand for and interest in specialty, high-quality, handmade chocolates using sustainable, effective cacao farming and harvesting methods, has meant an increase in the number of specialty makers offering all kinds of amazing creations.